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Training Bond

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1 Training Bond on Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:07 pm


Arresto Menor
Email Conversation


This is to clarify the training bond I signed last June 08. It is indicated that the training bond period will start from September 20, 2018 to September 19, 2020. My resignation letter was handed yesterday(September 10, 2018). In this case, it does not cover the start period of the bond. But because of the 30-day notice, I have to render up to October 09, 2018 which enters the training bond period. However, it is indicated in the training bond that,

If an employee voluntarily leaves the organization within schedule below, the employee will be required to re-pay the cost of training and or certification programs. It is understood that the amount of the bond will not exceed the cost of the training program.

Less than Php 10,000(6 months from completion of training)
More than Php 10,000/Less than Php 50,000 (1 year from completion of training)
More than Php 50,000/Less than Php 100,000(1-1/2 years from completion of training)
More than Php 100,000(2 years from completion of training)

Starting from September 20, 2018(which is the day from completion of training and the start of training bond) up to October 09, 2018(last day of 30-day). It will take 20 days only. Which is not belong to the table above.


To simplify, I will summarise as follows:
>The company agrees to hire fresh graduates and take the risks by providing the necessary trainings for the graduate to learn and to be of use later on, while the investment is quite huge to equip graduates to be at par to industry level, we cannot emphasise enough that the investment is not just monetary but also time invested.
>The training bond was discussed with you by Anthony during the interview and you agreed – please note that if an applicant doesn’t agree then we will not proceed with hiring  
>Upon explanation by me, you willingly and voluntarily signed the training bond, doing so without unjust pressure from anyone
>As you have quoted a portion of the training bond in your email below, it would have been better if you also cited this paragraph to create a better appreciation of your responsibility under the training bond, to wit:
"The Employee must sign and agree that in the event that the employment relationship is severed before such training costs have been amortized, the employer reserves the right to deduct monies owed from the employee’s final pay and/or seek legal action.”
>The period of validity referred to in the table you cited below is the amount of time the bonded employee need to complete, corresponding to the training investment incurred by the company, in your particular case it is 2 years. So your understanding that your obligation is for 20 days only is flawed.
>The employment contract you signed likewise specifically stipulated that you are required to render 30 days notice period from the time your resignation has been accepted by your superior (Jayson) and management (Anthony).
>As part of the training plan, you are to undergo an Outsystems Certification exam and a requisite to your training is the completion of a test project that you are currently working on and which need to be handed over in the event of your departure from the company. The turnover will necessitate you documenting the processes and training the person who will take over from you.
>Upon completion of the above, only then can we proceed with processing your clearance.
I think all of this is overwhelming for you, as a new graduate who just moved to the corporate world. But contracts and obligations need to be observed and complied with.


My training was not completed. I don't want to take the exam. Can they sue me for not paying the bond if I will not go to work after the 30-day notice?

I wan't to leave this company. What should I do?

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